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Owls sort of do look angry.

OWL3 (1 of 1) Owls sort of do look angry.

A request to build a saguaro (previously done, fun) with pygmy owl peering out…….a BIRD?   Do you  realize that they don’t have visible skeletal structure?   Oh well, start from the eyes and hope…….so I am doing so……hoping.

There are 2 owls hidden in the cavity in the saguaro!  I have added an arm bud to the saguaro.  This saguaro is 6″ 4″ and the nest is about 5′ off the ground.  It stands on a plow disc and won’t need to be fastened to the ground.

This sculpture is in “The Art Gallery” until the closing Feb. 14 evening.  Lovely show to enjoy. At NE corner of Speedway/Stone.