Carousel of Life

The carousel is used to represent the Carousel of Life.  We go in a circle from our first to last moments in life.  The transformation of our psyche and goals are what make up the story told on the carousel.  When mounted armies were replaced by guns and resorted to games on horseback rather than deadly combat, they were questing to grab a brass ring or impale something similar with their lances.  Grabbing the brass ring in life is a metaphor for living life to the fullest and becoming a hero on your own carousel and mounted on your own horse!

The bases for these figures was carved of plaster and then a rubber mold was built to cast 6 cement forms.  The weight was necessary for outdoor sculpture without having to tie it down to a buried cement pad.  Each base follows the design and color of each figure.  The materials used for the 5 were glass, steel, aluminum, copper and cement.

The carousel dimensions are 15′ across with a center pole.  Each figure is approximately 5′-7′ x5′ x12″…..positional change dictates size.  They are collectively made of steel, aluminum, copper, glass, silver, bronze, cement and wood.