The Real Story

This section needs explanation because it is not that I am pro-killing horses. But I am definitely against the cruelty of people who cannot feed their horses or their families, who have been driven to turn horses out in National Parks in areas the horse may not be able to figure out survival and those who breed indiscriminately for “business reasons”. The over-production of horses is why a lot of the problem exists. Feed costs are astronomical and probably won’t decrease because of many agricultural and water issues.

A few years ago the numbers of registrations started decreasing in several of the breed industries. This is decried by those association, but frankly I believe it points to the practicality of the rest of us. It means that there is a degree of common sense occurring.

One of the most common results of a horse with a chronic arthritis is that the owner says to the veterinarian “Well, I think we”ll breed her”. I was never directly asked an opinion but there are a lot of conformation faults which cause chronic lameness which were inherited by such a decision. This type of decision also produces less than desired horses which are marginally usable and create and exist as excess.

So, because I am so saddened that we are having to be practical about what to do with excess large animals I have created the following sculptures to give PAUSE and THOUGHT. As you see, I will discuss what I consider shocking discussion pieces.
I have one more to do this winter or next spring. I am hoping that my sculptures will help stimulate education of those who can then make their own decision about the husbandry of their animals.