Horses Make Heroes

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The horse is a part of history which continues into present time. The horse is noble, loving, fast, independent, large and beautiful. To be mounted or to groom gives pleasure to the person so blessed in the horses presence. In the days when first tamed and used by humans the horse was probably a beast of burden making life easier for many. He may have been eaten. As mankind learned to use horses they became an extension for mans desire to travel over further distances, faster and carrying trade goods or weapons. The horse became more and more important and the humans who rode him became more exalted due to the gifts his size and legs and heart gave to man.
The men and women riding horses became lords and ladies. The king and his armies mounted the most important nobles on horses. The horse exalted the people. The horse still continues to do that today. The gun made the horse obsolete as a war machine but he continues to be used in games that mimic military campaigns and his physical abilities enhance all who use him for sport. And, of course, the non-competition horse is no less important or popular than the war-horse or champion. Where would cowboys, show or trail riders and weekend warriors be without the animal which makes them feel like a hero whether in the saddle or wielding a curry comb and brush?