Sculptor of Animal Essence in Steel

The sculptor, Pat Frederick,  has worked as a veterinarian since 1966 primarily with the Horse.  She retired to become a sculptor, with steel, to capture the essence of horses and other critters including the jaguar, Panthera onca.

Her veterinary patients frequently show up in her sculptures. The history of art and the history of the horse have combined to suggest the main theme. “We are made heroes by the horse”.  Horses raise humans above their fellow man.  The horse gives us a place of honor and  makes us feel like kings and queens whether statuary or flesh and blood.

jaguar – Corazon

This year,  Jaguar:    Capturing cat essence in steel, the animal featured is the endangered Jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas.  Pat became interested in creating two jaguars to commemorate the spirits of Macho B and Corazon.  These jaguars were named when tracked via motion cameras throughout their lives.  Macho B lived and died in S. Arizona at approximately 12-15 years of age.  Corazon lived and died in Sonora, Mexico and was 8 years old having been seen first as a young animal and through at least 3 pregnancies.

Pat researched anatomy for the steel jaguars to build attention getting mechanisms  for the Northern Jaguar Project and the Sky Island Alliance (of which she is a Board Member) . The jaguar is a live representation of both myth and the balance that is needed in nature.  There are very few numbers of the big cats left in Northern Americas therefore they need the protection both conservation groups are creating.  The corridors where wildlife can travel has been severely limited by man and Pat hopes her sculptures are giving us a glimpse of what might disappear and the desire to help save the balance.

jaguar - Macho B
Macho B

Please help  wildlife thrive  by supporting the conservation entities and the jaguar:   Sky Island Alliance and  Northern Jaguar Project.

The sculptures are  for sale and the entire sale will be donated to the two conservation groups.  Purchase can be explored by direct conversation to Pat via the contact link in the heading . The jaguars are designed to live indoors or outdoors.  They are 7’6″ and 6’6″ long.  If you wish to see them in person they have a calendar of activities at the Sky Island Alliance website.